Tyler Dantuma

Party with Pitbull ft. Playboy



Feature a promotion to increase user engagement, sales and acquire new players  through a combination sweepstakes with the PLAYBOY and Pitbull brands.



Identified three distinct user categories, establishing three distinct avenues that maximized revenue.

Established reporting methods for customer feedback from land-based casinos.

Determined procedure for A/B testing through omni-channel marketing.  





Daily Active Users








Omni-Channel Strategy

The client wanted to understand how some users interacted with this promotion versus others. Focusing on different users with different interests to mobile, land-based and web platforms, planned for the categorization of customers into groups based on purchasing/use habits.

Identifying Personas

Creating personas of participants developed multiple marketing perspectives, allowing for varying funnel strategies, such as mobile-first, casino-exclusive and single-communication. This led to personalized offers, engagement optimization and increased click-through rates.

Flexible Iteration

After a clear trend with A/B tests for channel performance, marketing campaigns were tailored based on segmented customers. Data received through on-site customer surveys was utilized to promote additional communications through email and push notifications.