Tyler Dantuma

Countdown To Christmas



Increase tie-back to land-based properties, increase engagement on the mobile platform and acquire new customers through on-property promotion.



Many clients found value for the product, and pacified concerns that a digital gaming platform would detract from on-property sales.

Illuminated the importance of on-property offerings tied to a campaign as a driver for registration.

Established the use of microsites as an effective engagement tool, prompting the continued use of microsites for future promotions. 


Gross Social Revenue



Daily Active Users









Feedback from multiple casinos pointed to a clear desire for increasing registrations and visits back to land-based properties. This promotion offered a vacation prize through the digital gaming platform with corresponding casinos. 

Customer Retention

By offering customers opportunities to communicate with the product every day, we maximized retention over a two week period through a cohesive marketing campaign. Focusing on opt-in offers minimized customer overload and allowed users to engage in promotions of their choice.

Thematic Consistency

By presenting the promotions, sales and game unlocks with a cohesive identity, users were engaged through mobile, web and on property with a recognizable and powerful brand.